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2020: Kettle Vs Pot

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Throughout the 2020 campaign, leading up to the election, we are seeing increased amounts of jabs being thrown by all of the candidates. Trump has repeatedly gone to Twitter to exert some of his feelings and has told lies at his rallies about some of his “accomplishments” as POTUS. The further along we go, it seems to get progressively worse as well. Trump seems to be relentless with his belligerent dominating tactics. These tactics seemed to become apparent and more usual during the 2016 presidential campaign but are now bleeding into all of politics.

Over the course of the current presidency, I hope, we can all agree that it goes without question, the sitting president has been very obnoxious, and quite frankly, disrespectful. Trump has practically no filter and has taken the sense of professionalism out of our country. As a president it is not a good look when you go to a social media outlet to express your feelings and act immature. Trump aspires to be perceived as powerful and the greatest president in the history of the United States. Because of his success as a multi-business owner, he expects to always come out on top, which has been very good in terms of our trade deals and agreements with other countries. While certain aspects of his presidency have been phenomenal for the country, some of his actions have made us a laughing stock in other parts of the world.

With Trump being the face of our nation, it is vital that the globe respects him as a leader. He seems to be under the impression that sheer military strength is what it takes to have respect and it is pitiful. We as a nation need a powerful military to protect us from foreign threats, but only bullies and naive people associate fear with respect. Trump’s confidence is incredibly admirable but it is very overwhelming and pompous more often than not.

Due to Trump having the ability to maintain control over his Twitter feed and almost do as he pleases without any repercussions, it has now rubbed off onto the very individuals who are reprimanding him for it. Other candidates certainly seem to believe that this tactic may be the ticket to the top and it is showing in their rallies. There has been an obvious increase in the amount of disrespect conveyed between candidates and that is between both sides.

With the majority of presidential candidates attacking each other on practically personal levels, it is causing a reaction among the citizens that are watching them. How much of this behavior could be associated with the way the media outlets are displaying the information? What if the media outlets made an effort to start displaying more respect between the candidates? They are the link between us and our perception essentially. We all base our own opinions but it is formed based on not only the information provided, but also the way it is delivered.

Regarding how our future presidents should present themselves, it appears the technological era may be changing that appearance. Could the future hold a bracket of presidential candidates and presidents that are going to present our nation the same way as Trump because they are fearful that they could not win the nation by votes based on our current model? 

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