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Social Credit Score Gains Momentum in the USA

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In 2015 the Chinese government launched a nationwide social credit system that would “allow the trustworthy to roam everywhere under heaven, while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step”.

A Chinese citizen with a good social credit score can have a bank account or enjoy simple luxuries like purchasing high speed rail tickets, air travel, rent a car, or even stay at a hotel.

Citizens with an unfavorable score are barred from making luxury purchases and often times publicly shamed. Beijing has a highly sophisticated facial recognition system throughout the city. When a blacklisted person crosses certain intersections in Beijing, facial-recognition technology projects their face and ID number on massive electronic billboards.

While it may appear that the US has yet to adopt some of these ideologies let me share some events that may have you thinking otherwise. During the COVID outbreak the US Government pushed their first iteration of social credit. The CDC issued statements on how people should protect themselves from contracting or potentially dyeing from the COVID outbreak.

President Joe Biden took a more aggressive stance and ordered that employers with 100 or more employees had to ensure their workforce was fully vaccinated or be forced to mask and be subjective to weekly COVID testing (Source 1; Source 2). You were being advised that any family or friend that was not fully vaccinated should not be included in family get together celebrations like Thanksgiving or Christmas. The unvaccinated were clearly labeled socially unacceptable aka given a negative social credit score.

Individuals who did not comply with mandates found themselves jobless or part of the cancel culture movement. Others took the vaccine in order to stay employed (Source 3.) Companies who did not comply faced Federal Fines or shunned causing them significant financial loss (Source 1).

Today it has become evident that in most circles the social code has replaced legal code. this type of acceptance is dangerous and provides the dynamic needed for those in power to obtain even more control.

Social devolution is in full play around the Trump and Biden legal fiascos. In one corner their is a social court damning Former President Trump for mostly unfounded accusations who supports America and its people, while President Biden is praised while holding the smoking gun that proves he is bought, sold, and influenced by foreign entities.

I feel we have already crossed the line where if you do not conform with the preferred narrative, own a gun, or have the wrong political view you will be attacked, canceled, and left in ruins. Welcome to the new Social Credit System!

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