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President Biden Authorized Removal Of The ISIS Leader

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President Joe Biden announced this morning that Hajji Abdullah, the global leader of ISIS, was killed during a special operation by a US counterterrorism raid group issued under President Biden’s authority. Hajji Abdullah took his own life during the raid by detonating an explosives that were inside of the compound that Hajji Abdullah was occupying at the time in Syria. 

Hajji Abdullah became the leader of ISIS in 2019 after President Donald Trump issued a special operation by our US counterterrorism group to pursue Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In the pursuit, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi took his own life by detonating an explosive vest that he was wearing after being corned by the raid group. 

At this time there have not been any reported US casualties from the explosion and special operation. The explosion did result in multiple civilian casualties however. President Biden was clear that he did not want to pursue Hajji Abdullah with an airstrike because he wanted to reduce the number of overall casualties within the operation. The raid group was a deliberate decision in this specific situation. 

Per Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby: during the operation one of the US helicopters had a malfunction at the target location. The helicopter was able to be flown away from the target location and landed offsite. After additional evaluation of the helicopter, General McKenzie made the decision that further use of the helicopter would not be safe and the helicopter was destroyed at the site it was landed. 

Biden stated in a briefing earlier this morning “Thanks to the bravery of our troops, this horrible terrorist leader is no more.”  

Hajji Abdullah has been responsible for mass slaughters and genocide throughout the middle east for almost a decade. The removal of such a deadly force is a necessity across the globe for the wellbeing of all humanity. 

Utilizing the resources we have as a nation to be able to remove such threats seems to be a vital part of presidency. Is it possible that we allocate too much funding toward our military or are we on a proper path to make sure the world is a safer place? 

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