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Michigan School’s Vaccinating Children

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A Michigan state chapter of Informed Choice USA working to “fight for medical freedom in Michigan and the right to true informed consent,” has recently urged parents not to send their children to school if their child’s district is allowing the Genesee County Health Department to administer vaccinations on school grounds.

The county health department announced it had partnered with eight schools in the county to help distribute a COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes available.

Informed Choice Michigan President Erica Pettinaro argues that these vaccination sites will make it easy for schools to vaccinate children for the coronavirus without seeking explicit parental consent, while deferring to implied consent instead.

“Per WHO, implied consent occurs when ‘the physical presence of the child or adolescent, with or without an accompanying parent at the vaccination session, is considered to imply consent. This practice is based on the opt-out principle and parents who do not consent to vaccination are expected implicitly to take steps to ensure that their child or adolescent does not participate in the vaccination session,'” Pettinaro wrote in a statement to MLive/The Flint Journal.

Pettinaro recommended that parents who can’t keep their children from attending school should send them with a written statement refusing to allow the school to administer vaccinations to their child without a parent or guardian present.

Political Bourbon is currently investegating new reports that Parents are learning after the fact that their children were vaccinated while at school. One parent told PB that the school advised attendance was considered consent.

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