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Trump: The People Abide

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In recent news, the media as well as the people have been in an outrage regarding a discussion between Trump and a medical professional during a press conference. While Trump was making statements and looking for affirmation, the rest of the world, not only assumed he was speaking to them directly but also took the conversation out of context and decided to once again, bash Trump for it.

While Trump was discussing a possible “injectable disinfectant”, which your average human would interpret as a vaccine, he mentioned things like household cleaners leading the world to assume he was telling you indirectly to consume household cleaners. Later, the President made a statement that he “misspoke”. 

If you were to do a little digging, you would realize that there have been cases across the globe of people drinking themselves to death under the impression that the alcohol will kill COVID-19 prior to the statements made by Trump. These cases have not been displayed across the major media outlet because it wouldn’t get the same coverage as flashing a catchy headline. 

Trump also mentioned possibly fighting the virus with “light” by somehow shining it through your skin or getting it into your body. The thought of exposing a virus which is under your skin sounds silly. Looking further into it prior to making a meme about the idea, I found an article that would lead to the possibility.

In recent science advancements photobiomodulation or ‘low-level laser therapy’, which is covered in this article, is a form of treatment conducted with light. It essentially helps the repair process of cells. The practice is commonly used for treatment after someone has received chemotherapy. Photonic studies are vast and is looking like the future. 

Trump should have been more prepared for his conference, like usual, and not gone out in front of the world to have a side conversation with someone else. His lack of preparedness is putting him in a tougher position as the days pass by. 

The real concern from all of this is, why are adults considering drinking and/or injecting household cleaners? Is our society so undereducated that we lack the ability to interpret things for more than what they appear to be? 

Blame Trump for his lack of preparedness and verbiage but be sure to blame those who are not preparing themselves or interpreting independently as well.  

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