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Is the US Reopening Too Soon?

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A very popular debate recently is when to reopen the US. Some people are questioning if a quarantine was even necessary and some think we should remain indoors for much longer to ensure that we have a fair shot at ridding the COVID-19. There are many considerations for both sides of the argument and our politics are caught right in the middle of it. 

There are three things that can never be agreed upon: Politics, science, and religion. Unfortunately for us, two of those are caught right in between the debate. 

Some people feel as though the President is trying to ensure that our economy doesn’t collapse because if it were to, that would put the nail in the coffin of his 2020 campaign. So President Trump is willing to put the people’s lives in jeopardy to get the economy back on the rise. 

Others feel as though the virus itself is in fact not that deadly and that we should just let those who are going to get it, get it. There has been evidence showing both, the virus is very deadly or not so deadly. That kind of depends on where you get your information from and what part of their information they want to be shared. Regardless, all studies indicate that people with preexisting health conditions are primarily the ones who are dying. There are many other contributing factors but for the readers sake, I am being broad. 

Regardless of the outcome, how do you determine whether you would want your country to collapse from an economic crisis or let nature run its course? 

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