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Monday, September 26, 2022

Infrastructure Bill

President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Advances Economic and Public Health Opportunities for Tribal Communities

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (“Bipartisan Infrastructure Law”) is a once-in-a-generation investment in our infrastructure and economic competitiveness. For far too long, Washington policymakers have celebrated “infrastructure week” without ever agreeing to build infrastructure. The President promised to...

U.S. President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan does not impose a new mileage tax

Biden’s Build Back Better plan does not impose a new mileage tax. These rumors appear to be based on a misinterpretation of a section of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that is currently (as of October 1, 2021) making its way through...

Biden pitches $3.5-trillion spending and tax proposal and a $1-trillion infrastructure bill in Michigan

United States President Joe Biden travelled to Michigan Tuesday to sell his ambitious social spending and infrastructure proposals directly to the American public. Biden’s signature $3.5-trillion spending and tax proposal and a $1-trillion infrastructure bill have hit roadblocks on Capitol...
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Latest News

Rich Liberal Democrats are Welcoming until Migrants arrive at their doorstep

Martha's Vineyard is a magnet for millionaires, CEOs, and celebrities'. Even the Obamas reportedly just bought a $12 million...
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