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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Throwing Political Bricks

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In response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN, many cities have been experiencing an uproar of protests. Some of the protests are peaceful as intended, however some of them have become very violent riots.

Throughout all of this rioting a very peculiar scenario playing out in many of the areas where the riots are occurring is a random pile of bricks. If you look across the media outlets, primarily social media, you can see where many people have become confused by the random stacks of bricks sitting around the cities.

In one video on social media, two bystanders go out of their way to identify the pile of bricks that are in front of a building that they refuse to identify, however the recorder did state “I did jury duty there, 3 months ago, and those bricks were not there”. The other person in the video is shouting in the background “there isn’t even any construction in this area”.

At this time there is no evidence, and hardly any investigation, to identify the origin of the bricks. The strategic placement of these bricks makes it appear that they could possibly be a political stunt.

Without a doubt ANTIFA has played a major role in the riots. While ANTIFA is not exactly a political group, they do take actions against the right wing. The ANTIFA primarily supports liberal agenda and has also been identified as a very radical group. During most protests, ANTIFA is present and antagonizing.

Hopefully soon we will get to the bottom of where these bricks are coming from and why they are being placed in riot areas.

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