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Trump seeks assistance for COVID-19 vaccine

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President Trump has announced that he is currently preparing our troops to distribute a vaccine when it becomes available. Trump stated, “We would love to see if we could do it prior to the end of the year.” The President is calling the project ‘Operation Warp Speed’.

The United States is currently working with other countries to develop the vaccine as quickly as possible. Our relationship seems to be growing in our efforts to work together on this pandemic the globe is facing. The United States is taking lead on the entire Project and Trump has appointed Moncef Slaoui as chief advisor for ‘Operation Warp Speed’.

Moncef Slaoui is a former professor and Chairman of Vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK). Moncef has written over 100 scientific papers and has been part of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative Board, according to the Medicine Maker.

The United States military is going to be involved with assistance to distribute the vaccine upon its arrival and availability. As it seems right now, the elderly are going to be the focus point on aiding initially.

Only time will tell how close to a solution we are. For now it appears we are going to great lengths to find a solution to the global pandemic and prevent future outbreaks.

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