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Joe Biden goes toe to toe with Michigan Auto Worker in Detroit as he fights to earn votes. *Video*

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During a recent visit to a Michigan Automotive Factory in Detroit Joe Biden is confronted by an autoworker who asks Joe why he is trying to take away citizens 2nd amendment right.

As Joe is confronted he responds quickly and advises the autoworker that he is “Full of Sh*t”. Joe then shushes his aid and goes back to defending himself to the autoworker stating that the propaganda about him wanting to take away guns is fake.

Joe states that he indeed supports the second amendment and even owns guns himself. Joe and his sons hunt using several 20 guage and 12 guage guns.

Joe then goes on to state that people should not be allowed to own any weapon, as the conversation escalates Joe threatens the autoworker. The autoworker resumes to tell Joe that he is working for him and Joe quickly replies that he is not working for him and that the autoworker is a “Horses Ass”.

While this is definately not the first time Joe has been confrontational it appears he is going farther and threatening potential voters and refering to anyone who questions his political stance or comments as a Horses Ass.

At this point, Joe does not seem to have confidence when debating off the cuff and often stumbles and falls. Joe is strongest when given a teleprompter and provided propaganda material.

With Joe pulling ahead in the Democratic poles it will be intersting to see how he handles future live debates. The question is can he recover as he did against Bernie or will he go back to either Sleepy Joe or Combative slap your face off GI Joe.

Rest assured Ill have the Jiffy Pop ready for the next live debate.

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